Honoring Earth Day – Just a Little Bit Late

Positive Vibrations riding into the sunset

We all had our ways to keep from going insane while we were quarantined last year. Jason went surfing – every single day. Sometimes twice. When you’re in the ocean that often and that close to it, being on it and in it, you start to notice things. Like how much cleaner the water was because he could see clear down to the bottom. But then other things started to happen. We saw deer walking along the beach. DEER! ON THE BEACH! Schools of fish – more fish than he had ever seen were swimming through the water. Seals and dolphin and even whales were seen more frequently. He came home one day after a surf and told me he had a moment with a seal, who was playing peek-a-boo with him only a few feet away. It’s the ocean right? You’re supposed to see these things. But in all his years of surfing, he had never seen anything like this before. In only a few short months of boats not polluting the water, it had become clean and more inhabitable for wildlife.

And then the wheels started turning. It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you have the time to do it. We thought, how can we encourage keeping the ocean clean? After quite a bit of research, we discovered the Duffy electric boat. That discovery opened our eyes to an entire industry of electric boating. The fact that we could put a boat in the water with no pollution and lessen our carbon footprint had us sold. But how could one boat make a difference? And that’s when Electric Bay Cruises came to life. A charter cruise on a stylish electric boat! We hope that taking people out on tours of Toms River and the Barnegat Bay on a different type of vessel and a different kind of cruise will encourage people to be more open to electric boating. You don’t always need to go fast and loud (although that certainly has its place) to enjoy being out on the water. Sometimes a leisurely trip with a quiet engine and comfortable seating is exactly what’s needed.

We’ve been shown that small steps can lead to big things and it’s our hope that this small example of being clean and sustainable will encourage others to do the same. After all, we only have one planet to live on, let’s do our part to keep her clean.

Happy Earth Day!

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